We are living in a time riddled with imbalance and injustice, and many of us are hurting. The legacy of white supremacy and capitalism is one of isolation, scarcity, disconnection, and abuse, and it has permeated every corner of our lives. Many of us are waking up and rising to meet these injustices, but find ourselves constantly struggling internally and collectively to sustain what we do. I believe we have the gifts and power necessary to confront these realities while not burning out or repeating the same harms. No one person has the complete answer, and it is essential that we learn exquisite communication and collaborative skills to meet the present together. In my practice with individuals and communities we focus on nurturing the development of deep bonds with our own bodies, the earth, and Mystery/the unseen/Spirit in order to offer our gifts more clearly and in service of the liberation of all beings.



Located in Portland, OR, Larissa is a non-binary*, mixed heritage individual with training in counseling, spirit work, community organizing, and performance art. They have a Masters in Counseling from Lewis and Clark, a certificate in Ecopsychology, and studied with Jai Medina at The Balanzu Way School of Shamanic Arts ( On their father's side Larissa's people hail from the northern region of India, and on their mother's side they hold French, Dutch, German, and Irish ancestry. They have been engaged in social justice work for over a decade and incorporate understandings of systemic privilege and oppression in their sessions with clients. During their Masters program Larissa interned at Allies in Change where they worked with men who have been convicted of domestic violence crimes.

Larissa is available to work with individuals, romantic partners, groups, and organizations. They are particularly skilled in working with male-identified people who want to examine their relationship and communication skills, people who want to address traumatic events in their past, activists and community organizers struggling with burn-out, and people experiencing grief and loss.

*Non-binary: a gender identity that exists outside of the traditional gender binary of "man" or "woman," also known as genderqueer. Larissa uses "they/them" pronouns.